How To Support The Campaign

The success of small campaigns like ours relies heavily on the dedication and support of volunteers and vocal constituents like you.

If you are interested in donating time, effort, energy, or funds, please reach out!

There is a place for absolutely everyone who wants to help support Family Court Judge Klein’s re-election campaign.

There are many ways to help both big and small:


  • Display a sign in your yard.
  • Volunteer to spread news of the candidate throughout your community.
  • Like our Facebook page & follow us on Instagram; and share campaign details on social media.
  • Make a charitable donation to the campaign.*
    • Make checks payable to Citizens For Judge Carol Klein, and then mail to PO Box 555, Chester, NY 10918.
  • Publicly endorse the candidate.


Please contact Citizens for Judge Carol Klein by emailing or filling out the form below for more information.


    Select all that apply.

*Please note that judges and judicial candidates are prohibited from directly soliciting campaign donations or from knowing the identity of those who contributed to his/her campaign (New York State Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics). So although Judge Klein will not be permitted to thank you for any financial contributions you may make, please know that she and her family are deeply grateful to all of you who support her efforts.